August 28, 2014

ppccPPC (pay per click) is often thought of as an expensive and wasteful form of marketing as you are paying for every single click. Although there are other marketing strategies with can be very effective, PPC shouldn’t be overlooked. If it is properly set up, PPC can be a very powerful advertising method, delivering great ROI (return on investment).

In an ideal world, all marketing would be organic and via word of mouth. A newly established business however does not have the reputation and momentum of other, older business which can survive principally on SEO, and PPC is the ideal method to use to get things off the ground.

Here are 5 reasons why your new business cannot ignore PPC as part of a marketing strategy.

Easy to Measure

One of the best things about PPC is that there is always data to give feedback on what is a successful advert and what isn’t working so well. Businesses can see what was clicked on most and which converted most (and least!) successfully into sales. This means that companies can always be on top of their advertising and keep the most successful and try a different strategy with the least.

Quickly Established

For businesses which are just starting out, PPC is the ideal way to instantly get traffic to their website. Instead of waiting weeks or months for search engine optimization etc, an account can quickly be set up and people can be visiting your website within hours. This is obviously a huge benefit especially for those starting out as for them; cash flow is usually a serious problem. The quicker there is money coming in, the quicker a business can be grown.

Local & Mobile

PPC allows businesses to target local audiences, meaning that it is easier for businesses to dominate in their area both physically and of expertise. Not only is this useful when coming up against bigger, sometimes multi-national businesses, it also is a great way to improve the ROI rate. If only local people are accessing, the likelihood of them turning into a customer is substantially increased, thus improving the conversion rate.

Easily Scalable

PPC allows smaller businesses to compete with larger ones, and little money is needed in the beginning. Once the money starts coming in, it can quickly be reinvested to more and more success meaning that a campaign can quickly be scaled.  PPC can also be used to create better brand awareness and online presence, and this will create recurring customers giving an even better ROI.

Test SEO

By first running a PPC campaign, businesses can see which keywords are most effective for driving traffic to their specific website. The savvy businessman is then able to use this information to create a really effective and successful SEO campaign, and maybe dispose of PPC after a time. Although it is not free, PPC is a lot more cost effective method than others.

Although it may seem that PPC is an expensive way of ‘cheating’ success, this isn’t the case. By ensuring that the project is properly set up, administered and developed, it can be a true, honest and very effective marketing method. The actual ROI can be very high when PPC is working at its best. By constantly monitoring and analyzing the data provided by PPC, a business can really fine tune and develop strategies to ensure the continued development and growth of both the marketing and the business in general.

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Louise Denny

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