July 16, 2010

Many marketers get into the erroneous thinking that they have to do everything themselves. That they have to create the website, write the copy, submit all those articles, and learn Photoshop.

This cannot be further from the truth!

Believe it or not you can outsource the most daunting tasks of your business to an outsourcer and let them take care of it for you. And you can get quality work for pretty cheap, that is, unless you know the following 5 outsourcing secrets.

1) Take A Look At Their Portfolio

First thing first, you need to take a look at what they’ve done for other people in the past. There are a lot of providers who have a track record of creating what you’re looking for, whether it’s graphic design, copywriting, or Google Adwords.

Sure you can take a chance on a beginner who doesn’t have any experience. But there are plenty of outsourcers to choose from and you can afford to be picky.

2) Look For Someone Who Answers Your Ad Personally

Many outsourcers will cut and paste a generic message responding to your post. It usually says something generic like, “Our team is dedicated to doing anything for you.” or something┬ásimilar┬áthat makes it obvious they didn’t read your wanted ad.

You’ll want to look for the outsourcers who write a customized response that’s written just for you. They tailored your response for what you’re asking for in the job posting.

These are the people you want to check out–not the ones who cut and paste the same message, hoping someone bites.

3) Take a Look At Feedback They’ve Received

Some sites have a feedback rating system that allows providers and employers to leave feedback. Make sure you check out their feedback before hiring them. If they have a history of not finishing work or understanding the scope of what the client wants, then you should pass over them.

No questions asked.

4) Have Them Do A Small Task To Prove Their Competence

If you’re looking to hire someone, ask them to perform a small task for you before you hire them.

For example, you can ask them to install a WordPress blog or write a blog post so you can see if they’re know what they’re doing if the job involved working with WordPress. This will also weed out other providers who aren’t willing to do a little more to get the job.

The ones who’ll do a small task that’s relevant to what you’re hiring them for will turn out to be the best workers for you.

5) Have A Backup Plan

Let’s say you’re preparing for a launch and your programmers skips town on you and doesn’t finish the work you hired them to do. You’ve lined up people who are ready to promote for you on the launch date, but now that’s in jeopardy since your programmer left you.

Always have a backup plan in place so your project won’t be seriously delayed. For example, you can have another programmer waiting to assist you if one doesn’t work out.

The worst thing you want to have in business is ONE of anything. Because if you lose that one thing, your business goes down the tubes. Unfortunately with outsourcing there is a chance a outsourcer will not finish the work and you need to be prepared.

Outsourcing is your ticket to doing less and making more money. Follow these 5 steps when hiring your next outsourcer and your life will be a lot easier!

Live, Love, and Learn!


Sean McPheat

Internet Marketing Academy

One thought on “5 Outsourcing Secrets You Need To Know Today

  1. The backup plan: that’s where I learned my lesson regarding outsourcing. Anything can happen — skipping town, illness, tragedy, or something similar. Great tips.


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