August 17, 2010

Most internet marketing strategies focus on getting pay-per-click, SEO, or joint venture traffic to your website. The only problem is these strategies either take time to implement or they require a lot of knowledge to execute properly.

This post will talk about 4 ways you can get traffic to your site today. When you implement the rather simple strategies I’m going to reveal in this blog post, you could get a ton of traffic today…not 3-4 months from now.

1) Post to a forum in your niche

If you’re in a large market, you can join a forum in that niche and start participating in the conversation.

The best part about this strategy is most forums allow you to create a 5-6 line “Signature File” where you can advertise whatever you want, as long as you abide by the forum’s rules.

So all you have to do is create a signature with link to your site a start participating in the discussions. And people will start going to your site as soon as you make your first post.

2) Join a traffic exchange

Now traffic exchange traffic is considered to be lower-quality traffic; however, if your offer is positioned correctly this can work wonders for your business.

It’s also a good listbuilding tool since you usually do not want to ask this type of traffic to buy something from you, just collect their name and email address so you can market to them again and again.

A good traffic exchanges to check out includes Traffic Swarm.

3) Post a comment on a blog

This is a really easy way to get traffic. There might be a delay since most blogs are moderated and it could take a couple hours for your comment to be seen.

However if you posted on an extremely popular blog, you could start getting traffic right away.

The trick is creating a meaningful comment. Don’t say, “this is a great post!” as your comment will probably be seen as spam. Make sure you give a well thought out reply and your comment could bring in a lot of traffic through people who click on your profile link.

4) Post to a social network such as Digg or Propeller

If your niche has a related social network, you can bookmark your site on that network and people could start coming to your site. You just have to make sure you’re not “spamming” the networks and make sure you also participate in the networks as well.

For example, if you have an article about how to boost the processing power of your computer, you would submit to Digg since they’re a tech-oriented social site.

These are several quick ways to get traffic that you can start right now. Plus anyone can do them, you just have to find an extra hour in your day to implement these strategies so you can start building your business.

Have at it!


Sean McPheat

Internet Marketing Academy

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