November 6, 2014

Search bar on virtual screenAs digital marketers we focus a lot on creating good and useful content. This is all well and good but you also need to try and bear in mind how your think that people will be using this content. If you can get as many people linking naturally to your website, not only do you get benefit in this way, but the search engines also look more favourably on you.

Here are four top tips on how to get people linking naturally to your website.

Be The Best In Your Area

By putting out useful, interesting and correct content, you can begin to make a name for yourself. Once people begin to see that you know what you`re talking about in your niche, they will start coming to you for information and linking directly to your site. To be able to get this reputation you need to show people that you have the knowledge and skill to convey important and useful information – that you are reliable and easy to communicate with.

Another great way of showing off your in depth knowledge is by answering questions on forums. Make sure that you have a link to your website as well.

Blog About Current Trends

If you have a blog, try to write about the subjects and issues which are relevant and important at the moment. This is more likely to attract comments and links to your site. You can also have a look at what other people in a similar field are saying in their blogs and comment on them, (whilst always providing a link to your website of course!)

Run A Contest

People like a good contest, especially one which involves practical participation. Why not run a contest which is relelvant to your business and get links through to your website that way? You can run a competition and advertise it to all of your links, as well as through social media and on your website and make sure that you get these people coming through your site, and at the least, leaving their contact information with you. You now have a whole new list of people with a potential interest in your business`s product or service.

The type of contest that you run is entirely up to you. Be imaginative and try to think of something which will help you in other ways. For example, you could ask people to take photos or make videos incorporating your product and put it on a social media platform. The more imaginative the better, and the more likely that it will go viral.

Give Something Away For Free       

We all like to get something for free. It makes us feel like we are winning in a certain way and that we are special. So make people feel special. It doesn`t have to be anything big, but it goes a long way to creating that bond between you and your potential customer. Make sure that people need to go through your website to get their fee gift though!

Think about what you can offer which valuable to people. It could be a taster of your product or service, an Ebook, or even a PDF document of useful information.

It`s important to get as many natural links to your website as possible to make the most of your efforts, so get writing good content and being creative, and that traffic will come to you!           

Many thanks!


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Louise Denny

Head of Marketing

The Internet Marketing Academy

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