April 29, 2014

ID-100243482Unlike when we are navigating through rush hour on the roads, when it comes to your website we all want traffic and lots of it! Its great seeing that you have over 1 million unique visitors a month, but this 1 million will not matter if they are literally clicking on and off your site instantly, also seeing your bounce rate percentage increase.

If you have the traffic but not converting your visitors into paying customers then you really need to do something about it!

Keeping traffic on your website is just as important as getting unique and existing customers onto your site in the first place, the longer a customer is looking round your pages, the more information they are gaining which increases your chance of closing a sale.

Here are 4 simple suggestions to keep your visitors on your site for longer:

1)    Use Video

We all love videos for the simple reason they are easy to understand and saves time reading pages and pages of content, so if you haven’t already got one on your website I advise you get one! The great thing about videos is that the user will be staying on the page longer to view it, someone may skim through your content in the matter of seconds where as a video will engage them to stay on the site to the end of the video which can be 2, 3 or in extreme cases 4 minutes long.

2)    Make Sure You Are Relevant To Your Keywords

If you are targeting a specific keyword and using it in your Meta tags, titles and pay per click campaigns, make sure your site is exactly what your search engine visitor is looking for. If you are advertising a product for example a lawnmower and your visitor clicks on and sees loads of images of hedge trimmers, they will simply click off straightaway and go and look at your competitors website.

3)    Make Your Content Interesting

You may offer a product or service which is damn right boring to write about, well it is up to you to make it interesting. You can do this through a range of images, videos or even by the style you write your content. Advertising a product in an interesting way will keep you in the back of your visitors mind and up your chance of them re-returning to your website for more information at a later date, this alone will increase your traffic levels.

4)    Make Your Content Is Easy To Follow

I am sure tip 4 will be of no surprise to you but you will be surprised how many website owners make this simple mistake! There is nothing more frustrating than reading an article that explains a product or service and ends up just confusing you even more. Sometimes it is hard for a business owner to get across what their product offers, this is down to the simple reason that are two involved with their business and know the product inside out. Remember when writing your content the person who will be reading it may know nothing about your company or what the product can offer them as a whole. It’s great to include fancy facts but make sure they are straightforward. I would recommend once you have finished writing your product description, ask a friend or colleague that knows nothing about the product at all to read it through and illiterate back to you what they feel the product can do. This will help you get a clear understanding from an individual who has no involvement with the products you offer.

In conclusion when you think about it, the steps you need to take in increasing your visitor time-on-site ratios are the same you would do when meeting with a client. You would showcase your product or service, (for your website in the form of a video), you would prepare for your meeting that the details and information you will be talking to the client with is relevant to their requirements (keywords), you would make sure you came across very positive and knowledgeable about your product (making the meeting interesting) and finally you would try and explain to your potential client the benefits of your product or service so that they understand it staying away from the techno waffle (making the content easy to follow).

These tips should help give you a good start in keeping your traffic but there are many other things you can try also. Keep an eye on your analytics and monitor what works and doesn’t as you try to keep your visitors for as long as possible.



Jenny Verman

Jenny Verman

Digital Marketing Manager

The Internet Marketing Academy


(Image by Naypong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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