November 4, 2014

Smart watchThe fastest developing technology in today’s internet world is in the field of wearable technology. Since the explosion of smartphones, people have increasingly been able to access the internet whilst on the move and internet access is becomingly increasingly available in many public spaces, including restaurants, parks and even underground railway stations.

Google Glass or similar technology is a big one at the moment. This allows us to see information about things whilst out and about, as well as make phone calls, see maps etc. Soon we will all be able to see the social media page of everyone that we walk past in the street thanks to technologies such as this. Smart phones already allow users to make and receive calls, measure distances and heart rates, and smart jewellery is following closely behind.

These changes in the availability of mobile is changing the way that we use the internet and the developments in new wearable technologies will change it even more. So here are three ways that wearable technology such as Google Glass and smart watches will change the way that the world works.

More Speed, Better Information

A smartphone, when compared to an old school Nokia phone with buttons (!) is the height of speed and ease. New wearable technologies will be even faster. They will also mean that marketers (especially) will have to give even more concise and up-to-date information on the spot.

The location specific information will be even more prominent. Companies can use Google Glass for example to give information whilst out and about. Someone who is looking to buy a new house could have an app which, as they are walking around, shows houses which meet their requirements, giving all the specific information and even an option to contact the estate agent.

Add in Emotion

Depending on the piece of smart technology, they will start to be reading our emotions as well as location and other information that we will be inputting manually. Smart clothing, jewellery and watches will have sensors which can read our emotions as we are buying (or not buying) products or using (or not using) services.

Once understanding people’s emotional responses to advertisements or branding, marketers will get a deeper understanding into what works best on their demographic of customers and will be able to craft tailor made material which is specific to each person as their emotional state changes.

Marketers will be looking not only at who and how, but when and where.

Integrated Experiences

As our wearable technology learns more about us, it will be able to see patterns and be able to organise integrated services. For example, imagine that you have arranged to meet friends at 8 o clock. The location sensor will be able to tell that you will be late. It can notify your friends, then look for the quickest public transport route or see if it would be better to call a cab. It can call the cab for you, and even pre-order your drink so you don’t get more stressed waiting for a drink when you get there. The point is that marketing will be about being in the right place at the right time, making your life more convenient.

So when you are thinking about how to incorporate wearable technology into your product or service, you should be thinking about how you can integrate with other situations and make people’s lives easier.

Wearable technology is something that isn’t going to go away. Although relatively still in its infancy, it is definitely worth starting to think about.

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Jenny Verman

Jenny Verman
Digital Marketing Manager
The Internet Marketing Academy

(Image courtesy of dollarphotoclub)

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