October 27, 2011






It is becoming more difficult to create an impact on consumers via the Internet.  The market is so saturated with product and service offerings, that even with highly targeted niche marketing it can be difficult to start the conversions that businesses need.  While online advertising is growing more difficult, it is not impossible to create a campaign that is effective.  Demonstrating an individual corporate identity, and showing consumers what makes your company the best is the only way to truly distinguish your product/service offerings from any others.  Below are three methods you can use to stand out from the generic market.

  1. Always include an extra gift.  Many businesses are responding to the current economic down turn by minimising services and reducing give a ways.  The best way to stand out is to increase your customer bonuses.  Offer an extra discount or free gift.  Package services together for extra discounts.  The opportunities to add value to your products and services are endless.
  2. Personalise your interactions.  Consumers respond favourably to businesses that send out birthday acknowledgements or personalised offers.  Examples might include a coupon for a renewal product.  When a customer purchases a product that gets used up. It is a nice touch to offer them a discount on a renewed supply.  Consumers respond to this type of personalisation on two levels.  First, they enjoy receiving discounts on products that they use regularly. Second, they like shopping at a company that remembers those details.  Try to always tailor the shopping experience to the individual.
  3. Don’t just focus on what you can give; also look at what you can take away.  If a product has many positive aspects, that often does not make up for a single glaring negative.  For example, no matter how much someone likes a specific perfume, if they are allergic to the propellant they can not wear it.  Consider offering products without chemicals, low in fat, safe for the environment and so on.  Also think about how to eliminate wait times and reduce stress.

Being a successful Internet retailer is as much about what you choose not to carry as it is about what you do offer.  Always consider new ways to make personal connections with your customers, and add value to their purchases.






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