January 13, 2015

Like 3DThe rise of video in online content marketing is an undeniable trend which has grown through 2014 and it doesn’t look like it`s going to slow down coming into 2015. It is such a big switch that social media are gearing themselves up to make it easier and more effective to use video on their platforms. At present the main platform for video sharing is still YouTube, but other social media platforms are starting to get in on the game as well.

Facebook have recently made changes to their video sharing options which is giving more power to video and will change the way that we can use it for content marketing, giving a lot more importance than previously placed on video. So what changes have they made, and how will this effect online marketing through Facebook?

Automatic Play

If you are a Facebook user (and let`s face it, you should be if you have a business) you may have noticed that you don`t even have to bother pressing `play` on a video any more. Whatever video that is on your screen will automatically play for you. This is extremely useful to online marketers because you now don`t have to get people to open your video. What you do have to do, however, is grab their attention at the beginning, before they scroll down to read the next status update, or watch the next video.

Make it visually appealing and attention grabbing straight away and you will find that your audience numbers soar. This is one main reason why the `Ice Bucket Challenge` became so popular. Before you even knew it, you were seeing one of your friends with a bucket of icy water on their head. You didn`t even have to choose to watch it!

Facebook Video vs. Youtube Video

Although YouTube is still the biggest video sharing site, Facebook is trying to change this. Facebook does allow you to share videos from YouTube on their platform but they put a lot more favour in videos which are uploaded directly to Facebook video. Research has shown that the initial impact of a video is much higher when uploaded directly to Facebook.

If you are going to be using video on Facebook as a marketing tool, it is definitely advisable to add it directly to Facebook – that doesn`t mean, however that you can`t upload it directly to YouTube as well, but the impact will be much greater.

Calls To Action

Another change that Facebook have made to their video upload option is that it now gives you the chance to add in a call to action at the bottom. This means that you can add options like, links to really get engaging with those people who took their time to watch your video. In fact, this option is very important. When you release a piece of written content, you want to encourage people to take some sort of action, and a video is no different. It may be a link to a website to buy, find out more, join a mailing list, you name it.

Facebook video is set to gain momentum this year as more and more people embrace the power of video in marketing and especially through social media. By understanding how it works, businesses can really take advantages of what it offers to them.

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