October 8, 2010

Google Adwords is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site.  The traffic that comes from Google Adwords can be very valuable, since these people clicked on an ad to get to your site.

There are a lot of ways to increase the number of people who click on your ads. This blog post lists 3 you can start testing right away in order to boost traffic to your site and make you more money.

1) End the headline with a question mark.

For example if you have a headline called “Business Proposal Template”, you can easily modify that to say, “Business Proposal Template?”  This induces curiosity in the visitor since it embeds a question in their mind and they want to see if it is answered.

This also makes your ad stand out more since a very small amount of people will actually use a question mark in the headline of their ad.

2) Use the “secrets most people will NEVER know” line in your ad.

If you were a golfer and you came across a headline that said, “Discover Golfing Secrets Most Golfers Will NEVER Know”, wouldn’t you want to find out?

This has been tested time and time again to outpull most ads, mainly because it plays on the fact that you’re about ready to get an advantage over other golfers.  That you’re going to have several secrets that you only know.

That’s why the word “secret” is used time and time again in marketing. Secrets are irresistible because it plays on the fact that someone knows information that you don’t.  And we as humans are always curious to learn “secrets” so we can be a part of the “club” that knows the secrets.

So use some variation of this line in the body of your Adwords ad.  It could boost your clicks big time.

3) Have an intriguing domain name.

Google allows you 3 lines of text for Adwords, but nothing stops you from creating a better domain that urges people to click on your ad.  The display URL is another line of copy you can utilize with effectiveness.

So what URL is more apt to be clicked on: www.acme.com or www.LoseFatRightNow.com?

The only thing is your display URL and destination URL has to be the same.  So if you’re sending traffic to a seperate landing page, try to come up with a good domain name that’ll attract more clicks.

So next time you create your next Adwords campaign, test these tweaks out. This could definitely help you conquer Google Adwords.

Keep Selling!


Sean McPheat

Internet Marketing Academy

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