November 27, 2014

Businessman with SEO conceptGoogle has dominated the market in the world of search engines for years now – so much so, in fact that the word Google is now pretty much synonymous with `internet search`. People no longer say “search the internet for it”, they are much more likely to say “Google it”. As of November 2014, Google was searching for 1, 100, 000, 000 unique visitors per month, compared to Bing which was the second ranking search engine with 350,000,000 and Yahoo 300,000,000. For this reason most people who are concerned with SEO and driving traffic to a website are mostly concerned with understanding how Google works.

Why should we be looking at other search engines if Google is still dominating the market? Well, here are three reasons why…

Greater Outreach

It is obvious from the numbers that substantially more people are using Google than the other search engines, but there`s still a huge number of people using other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Bing is the search engine developed by Microsoft and comes already set up with Microsoft software and Yahoo is still a very popular email host. This indicates that maybe people aren`t actually too bothered about which search engine they use and are more concerned with ease. As long as it finds them what they want people generally go somewhere more out of habit than anything else.

By understanding how these other search engines work, you can still get a massive outreach and possibly to a section of society who you wouldn`t reach via Google. There are many people who are `anti-Google` due to their dominance, spyware and other online developments, who refuse to use it.

Different Search Algorithms

Google are continually changing and updating their algorithms in the direction that they think is best. Their main criteria are to find sites and pages which are useful and informative to their searchers, and they have developed their algorithms accordingly.

Other search engines use different algorithms and criteria, meaning that if you search for something in Google for example, and then in Yahoo, you will most likely get different results. Bing, for example place more priority on search words than back links.

By including those important keywords to content on your site, you are already well-optimizing it for search engines other than Google.

Rising Popularity

As people become more aware and cautious about Google, the other search engines are rising in popularity. Not only do we have the re-emergence of Yahoo and the growth of Bing, we also have a number of new search engines coming through which will grow in popularity. There are search engines which do not save your data (unlike Google) or who allow it`s users to block spam pages and porn sites. There are some who are environmentally friendly – run on green energy, and whilst these may remain relatively small, are worth bearing in mind.

So What Do I Do?

Whilst most of these search engines don`t match the technological developments of Google, they are relatively similar in the way that they work. The best advice is to ensure that your website has great and useful content, uses keywords properly and is not spammy. Being honest and informative is the way forward and as long as you stick to this you are maximizing the possibility of getting ranked highly in any search engine result.

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Louise Denny

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