December 15, 2010

Who said creating a product to sell on the internet has to take months?

Well, that’s what most people believe when they go through internet marketing courses. They think they have to spend months writing an ebook or creating a huge 10 DVD course.

Here are 3 quick product ideas that will pack a lot of value for your customers–and make it easier on your time. In fact most of these will only take an hour to produce!

1) Record an hour-long audio.

With more people using Ipods and listening to audios in the car, you can easily create a content-packed audio you can start selling ASAP. All you need is a good microphone (you don’t need anything really expensive!) and you’re all set. Oh, and you can download Audacity, a free audio recording software, for free!

2) Write a special report!

Think an ebook has to be 100 pages long? Most people would pay extra for undigested information that’s straight and to the point. No fluff and no filler. If you type fast you can write a good 1500-3000 word, 7 page report in about an hour.

Don’t think you have to take 4-5 pages of solid content and pack it with 95 pages of fluff and filler. Most of your customers will notice this and you could ruin your chances of getting repeat sales!

3) Sell a public domain book!

There are a lot of people making a killing selling public domain works. This includes books, music, and artwork whose copyrights have expired and were never renewed. This is an untapped market, and you can even take a public domain book and create a derived book of your own!

To find public domain books you need to research copyright laws in your country. You can easily go to an online used bookstore such as and find a good public domain book you can resell for profit.  Either scan the pages yourself or hire someone real cheap to transcribe.

All this should take you an hour at the most to research and order a public domain book. The content is already written, you just have to resell it!

I hope this post gives you some food for thought regarding how to create a quick product to sell online. Many people are doing this and now it could be time for you to get in the game!

Keep Selling!


Sean McPheat

Internet Marketing Academy

One thought on “3 Quick Product Ideas You Can Create In An Hour!

  1. Thanks once again Sean for sharing these tips. I will try these today. You continue to be a great inspiration to me, as I remember a few years ago I started by using your royalty free products which helped to turbo boost my business. I still continue to make use of all your resources and direct my client to visit confidence world,

    Thanks again and have a great day

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