December 23, 2011

In my recent post “Twitter Launches New Brand Pages For Business Accounts”, I told you about some of the great new features which Twitter Brand Pages will have to offer companies once they are rolled out across the board next year.

Although these Brand Pages have only been made available to a certain number of Twitter’s partners and biggest advertisers so far, Twitter has now released a new feature for all accounts which is set to be big news for social media marketers.

Twitter has created embeddable tweets, meaning that you can now embed tweets straight from your Twitter account into your website or blog and your visitors can now follow you, retweet your post or click on the links you’ve tweeted without having to leave your site or go searching for you on Twitter.

Although this might seem like a fairly basic add on to the original Twittersphere, you should not be fooled into thinking that there is little value in this. Embeddable Tweets are a great feature, and there is so much you can do with them to help bring your web and social media presence together.

Here are 3 great ways to use embeddable Tweets to your advantage:

1.       Highlight positive feedback and customer testimonials

With the traditional Twitter features you could only promote nice comments from your followers or positive feedback about your business or products and services by adding that Tweet as a Favourite (by clicking the little star). This didn’t really make this Tweet any more noticeable than the rest of the content on your feed and it would soon get washed away in your stream of updates.

With embeddable Tweets you can now place any positive feedback or customer testimonials you receive on your web pages or in your blog posts, meaning that you can now really showcase any great responses you get via your Twitter account. 

2.       Use your followers’ questions to create content and spark discussion on your blog

If you’re anything like me, you will get a constant stream of questions and enquiries from your followers via your social media platforms. Not only is this a great way of finding out what your audience is talking about and what they want to know, but it is always important to engage with your followers when you can and share your knowledge and advice with them – that’s why they are following you after all!

I have often created blog posts and other content based on an interesting question one of my followers has asked me, but now you can embed this question (or multiple questions around the same topic) in a blog post and give a direct response to their enquiries. Not only does this add more gravity to the content you produce, but it can also help to spark discussion with your blog subscribers and Twitter followers.

3.       Encourage your Lead Generation offers to go viral

If you have a great lead generation offer – such as a sign up form for a free whitepaper for instance – then you should already have this in prime position on your website and blog, but by adding this into other areas of your sites via an embeddable tweet you could encourage this offer to go viral as your Twitter followers will now be able to retweet and share this offer with all of their followers. Just imagine how many followers each of your followers has…if you have a successful social presence then this reach should be huge! And all for embedding a small piece of HTML code on your website or in a blog post – what are you waiting for?

Embeddable Tweets look set to truly help the long awaited conversion between our main websites and blogs and our social media accounts, so this is big news for businesses of all kinds – and their marketing departments in particular. Put these three ideas into action and see what you can do with Twitter’s latest feature. 



(Image by Eldh)

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